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Hi-Lo book series that reflects diversity

I’m excited to offer a Hi-Lo book series that reflects diversity. Teachers are challenged with providing their students with literature that not only reflects their students’ diverse backgrounds, but also exposes their students to other ways of thinking and other cultures. When I set out to write the Hi-Lo series, The Way I See It,…
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Hi-Lo Books that Offer Appropriate and Meaningful Text

It is often a challenge to find Hi-Lo books that offer appropriate and meaningful text for the High School grade level. What does it mean for a book to have “appropriate and meaningful text”? As a teacher, I encountered texts that drew plot lines around cliché themes for teens. Themes that seemed age appropriate, but…
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Hi-Lo Readers Want a Good Story

Hi-Lo readers are the toughest audience because they will often give up on a book after the first page. If it doesn’t grab them, they are done!  Hi-Lo readers want a good story, but don’t want or need all the extra fluff. They want a story that gets to the point, but still doesn’t fall…
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Hi-Lo Books Can Open Doors for Readers

In my last blog, I shared that I was introduced to adolescent literature in college as part of a class. Up until that point in my life I struggled with reading because I learned to read and write in German first. But once I was in college, something began to change. The transformation began in…
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Hi-Lo Books Intentionally Build Reading Fluency

It was a complete accident that I learned the one thing about reading that impacted me the most as a writer. Hi-Lo books intentionally build reading fluency! Although, at the time, I didn’t have a clue it was happening to me. I grew up learning to read and write in German, although we spoke English…
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Hi- Lo Books offer a Bridge to help Struggling Readers

Hi-Lo Books offer a needed bridge in the reading process. In fact, Hi-Lo books help struggling readers! Hi-Lo books are not novels that should be dismissed as inferior literature. In fact, I believe that these very books offer the bridge needed for many readers to have a chance at accessing the literature available to them…
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