Hi-Lo Books address Racism and Stereotyping

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Hi-Lo Books address Racism and Stereotyping

It is important for Hi-Lo books to address racism and stereotyping. Although struggling readers may need books written on a lower reading level, they still need a challenge. I want to invite reluctant readers into the discussion. So why address racism and serotyping?

Unfortunately, it happens every day. Through working with students with diverse backgrounds, I learned that everyone has a point of view or perspective. Often thoughts or statements made in jest are extremely hurtful. Other statements filled with outright ignorance. Sadly, many statements intend to cut deep. In all cases individuals think that their statements are justified. They ask, “Doesn’t everyone have a right to their opinion?”

The answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no. The answer can only really be found through honest dialogue. And through genuine self-reflection.

The series, The Way I See It, dares to tackle the issues of racism and stereotyping, but without pointing fingers or placing blame. It challenges the readers to open their eyes to other cultures and perspectives and become aware of basic behaviors that invite comments or actions that are divisive and hurtful. I titled the series “The Way I See It” because I wrote each book from the perspective of a different student. This allows the reader to enter into the character’s thoughts, judgements and revelations. Each protagonist must change something about themselves. How were their judgments of others wrong? How can healing take place?

My goal is for the series to offer opportunities for genuine dialogue and leave room for the reader to bring their own perspectives to the table. https://www.lbtillit.com/the-way-i-see-it-series/

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