It’s Never Too Late to Read Aloud

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It’s Never Too Late to Read Aloud

I strongly believe that it is never too late to read aloud. When I taught at an alternative school, I had fifteen and sixteen-year-old boys who couldn’t wait for me to read out loud to them. It was fascinating to see them want to know what happens next.  

This process of reading aloud can be used as an effective tool to help struggling readers engage. The students hear that there is a specific cadence that allows the listener to be pulled in to the rhythm of the story. They are impacted by the teacher’s use of different inflections which bring characters alive. They enjoy access to literature that they may never choose themselves.

Students will enjoy access to literature that they may never choose themselves.

I strongly recommend reading aloud.  Even if a teacher reads the beginning chapter of a novel the class will read on their own. It sets the tone for engagement. It immediately allows all students, whether they are strong readers or not, to be equally pulled into the novel. And I am all in favor of occasionally reading other chapters aloud as you move through the novel. This is especially effective when used on chapters you want to make sure all of your students clearly understand.

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