From an Educator’s Perspective

Engaging reluctant readers since 2012!

L.B. Tillit’s books provide the educator with literature that allows their readers to build reading fluency with authentic characters and engaging plots.

My books meet the needs of even the most reluctant reader. Written for teen readers, they are filled with believable, memorable, empathetic characters today’s teens identify with facing today’s social issues they relate to. My books are written specifically for students who struggle to find books that speak to them, but are at a reading level that makes them excited to dive into the story.

It is worth it if one, just one, young adult reads one of my books and it helps them have faith to jump into another book and then another, where reading becomes second nature and is no longer such a chore.

As an educator, working with students who were at risk of dropping out of school, I became increasingly frustrated with the lack of literature for my students that was not only written on their reading level, but was also interesting enough to keep them engaged. Often books that were written for struggling readers had simple plots. In all my years working with struggling readers, and having been a struggling reader myself, there is one key factor that is often not recognized or considered in providing literature for struggling readers.

Low reading level does not mean low-everything-else. Struggling readers often enjoy complex storylines offered by movies and video games. From my observations, they are quite tuned into the complexity of human relationships and the drama they encounter every day. So shouldn’t we provide them with books that do the same?

I have added a mini-glossary at the end of each book with technical words, text terms, or any slang. This allows for teachers of English as a Second Language learners to have easy access to the terms.

I also provide opportunities for readers to practice any of the words that are more difficult to decode. At times, due to the necessity for authenticity, I have had to use a harder word. However, once I have, I introduce it again at least one or two more times within the same chapter so the reader can practice it and have immediate success with recognizing the word they just decoded. Immediate success with building reading fluency is a key strategy.

It’s never too late to start reading!

I will continue to use my background as a teacher, my education in literacy and reading, and my own personal experiences as a struggling reader in crafting more literature and resources.

Free Reading Guides!

I am excited to provide teachers with the following free reading guides for their classrooms. The reading guides will help the reader focus on building vocabulary, strengthen reading fluency, follow the plot, focus on themes, use inferring skills, and discover character growth. It will provide opportunities for readers to engage in authentic discussion while encouraging an understanding of varying perspectives. Enjoy!

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