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Engaging reluctant readers since 2012!

Rereading helps struggling readers

In order to positively impact reluctant readers, we must teach that rereading is a positive reading strategy, and something all strong readers do automatically! I strongly believe that rereading is a positive reading comprehension strategy. In fact, rereading helps struggling readers build their reading fluency. As I was working on my masters in Literacy and…
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Using Read Aloud as a Teaching Tool

Not only did the characters come alive, but reluctant readers had access to details they might have missed while reading the text alone. Using read aloud as a teaching tool is NOT limited to only teachers reading aloud. I found, when I used novels with extensive dialogue, I could engage my students by assigning readers…
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Hi-Lo Books with Terms Included

I believe the terms will especially be helpful for English Second Language classrooms. As a teacher, it was always challenging finding books to use in the classroom. And most of the time I had to come up with my own collection of vocabulary terms to teach. So, as an author, I decided it would be…
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Struggling Readers Predict and Infer

I focus on activating curiosity as I develop the plot so that predicting and inferring are natural outcomes. It can be a challenge to help struggling readers predict and infer based on what they have read. As a teacher I realized that my reluctant readers avoided predicting or inferring if they did not care about…
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Hi-Lo Book Series Inspires Journaling

It is valuable when a Hi-Lo book series inspires journaling. As a teacher, journaling has always been a key tool for me to use to engage my students in writing. However, it was not always easy to find thought provoking starters that would inspire them to write meaningful entries. I remember when I presented my…
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Hi-Lo Books for English Second Language Learners

I focus on writing Hi-Lo Books for English Second Language Learners. Why is that? Although I was born in the USA, I grew up in Switzerland and learned to read and write in German first. It wasn’t until 3rd grade that I was introduced to reading and writing in English. By then, I was very…
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