Hi-Lo Book Series Inspires Journaling

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Hi-Lo Book Series Inspires Journaling

It is valuable when a Hi-Lo book series inspires journaling. As a teacher, journaling has always been a key tool for me to use to engage my students in writing. However, it was not always easy to find thought provoking starters that would inspire them to write meaningful entries. I remember when I presented my students with random journal starters and then expected them to write meaningful responses to the random questions. That approach failed miserably! Journals, inevitably, filled with only two or three sentences. They merely jotted down their thoughts to meet minimum requirements.

Journal questions that did not pull from the students’ own previous knowledge left little room for meaningful journaling. I found that reluctant readers, who are also often reluctant writers, needed to have even greater inspiration to write. So, finding a Hi-Lo books series that inspires journaling is helpful for teachers of reluctant readers.

The Hi-Lo series, The Way I See It, offers teachers opportunities for their students to fill up their journals. The Hi-Lo book series inspires journaling because the readers want to discuss the characters’ choices and react to ongoing conflicts. The students are also more likely to engage because the series is written on a low reading level, but the content remains on a high-school level. This means readers have the opportunity to understand what they read which allows them to present meaningful responses. Check out my series, The Way I See It. https://www.lbtillit.com/the-way-i-see-it-series/


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