Hi-Lo Books for English Second Language Learners

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Hi-Lo Books for English Second Language Learners

I focus on writing Hi-Lo Books for English Second Language Learners. Why is that? Although I was born in the USA, I grew up in Switzerland and learned to read and write in German first. It wasn’t until 3rd grade that I was introduced to reading and writing in English. By then, I was very behind. As a result, I was an awful speller and I never liked to read.

I understand what it feels like to fall behind in school because of my struggle with reading English. In fact, I made mostly C’s and B’s in High School and my only A was in photography. Yet, because of my struggles and because I finally learned how the English language works, I have written my books for readers like me. Readers who approach learning from a different angle.

I understand what it feels like to struggle with reading English and I understand what it feels like to clearly be behind in school.

When I came to the USA to go to college, I went to a football game and asked if the team had just made a home-run. Needless to say, everyone laughed and I quickly learned the correct football terms.

This is one reason all my books in my new series, The Way I See it, have some technical terms at the back of the book, as well as texting terms and slang. Maybe certain terms are common sense to many students, but ESL readers will appreciate a little extra help. These terms are also a resource for teachers. They can identify terms to pre-teach; a strategy that will help with fluency as well as targeting comprehension. https://www.lbtillit.com/the-way-i-see-it-series/

My Easy Read Books, LLC addresses the need for high interest level and low reading level books (Hi-Lo Books) to focus on creating complex plots to match the intellectual needs of the reader, while providing a reading level that allows for comprehension.https://www.myeasyreadbooks.com/

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