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Hi-Lo Books address Sexual Harassment and Assault

Reluctant readers want their books to reflect their lives. Just like other teens, they want to find answers to tough questions. In order to meet this need, I have written Hi-Lo books that address sexual harassment and assault. In my experience, I have seen and experienced the large grey area everyone calls, “But I didn’t…
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Hi-Lo Books that Inspire Discussion

Is it possible to find Hi-Lo Books that inspire discussion? Yes, it is possible if the Hi-Lo books focus on plots and characters that reluctant readers buy into. However, finding books that struggling readers “buy into” may seem to some teachers a waste of time. Isn’t it more important to tackle the classics or required…
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Hi-Lo book series that reflects diversity

I’m excited to offer a Hi-Lo book series that reflects diversity. Teachers are challenged with providing their students with literature that not only reflects their students’ diverse backgrounds, but also exposes their students to other ways of thinking and other cultures. When I set out to write the Hi-Lo series, The Way I See It,…
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Hi-Lo Books that Build on Previous Knowledge

Teachers of reluctant readers face many challenges. One of those challenges may seem minor to some, but it is still very important. Namely, they want to provide struggling readers with material around which they can build meaningful discussions. Teachers seek out Hi-Lo books that build on previous knowledge. For reluctant readers, this means the stories…
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Help ESL Learners Express Their Own Unique Perspectives

I write my books from this international perspective.  We all bring something different to the table and we are all worthy of being heard. I believe my books will help ESL learners express their own unique perspectives. But what makes me qualified to know anything about ESL leaners? What do I know about differing perspectives?…
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