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Hi-Lo Books address Sexual Harassment and Assault

Reluctant readers want their books to reflect their lives. Just like other teens, they want to find answers to tough questions. In order to meet this need, I have written Hi-Lo books that address sexual harassment and assault. In my experience, I have seen and experienced the large grey area everyone calls, “But I didn’t…
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Hi-Lo Books address Depression and Suicide

I believe that there is a need for Hi-Lo books to address depression and suicide. Struggling and reluctant readers need to read stories that challenge their perspectives and make them think. Low reading level does not mean the readers can’t tackle tough subjects. When I set out to write Ozzie, the first book in The…
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Teach How to Abandon Books

Teachers who work with struggling or reluctant readers need to teach how to abandon books. This is something I feel strongly about as a former teacher. However, I also draw from my own personal experience as a struggling reader. Growing up as a struggling reader, I thought that if I started a book, it meant…
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Hi-Lo Books that Build on Previous Knowledge

Teachers of reluctant readers face many challenges. One of those challenges may seem minor to some, but it is still very important. Namely, they want to provide struggling readers with material around which they can build meaningful discussions. Teachers seek out Hi-Lo books that build on previous knowledge. For reluctant readers, this means the stories…
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We Should Not “Dumb-down” Hi-Lo Books!

Reluctant readers are not stupid. In fact, they recognize “dumbed down” books. This is a highly offensive phrase used when discussing the structure of Hi-Lo books. It also shows a lack of understanding of the purpose and process of writing effective Hi-Lo books. Is it a surprise when reluctant readers don’t want to read those…
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