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Engaging reluctant readers since 2012!

Hi-Lo Books that Build on Previous Knowledge

Teachers of reluctant readers face many challenges. One of those challenges may seem minor to some, but it is still very important. Namely, they want to provide struggling readers with material around which they can build meaningful discussions. Teachers seek out Hi-Lo books that build on previous knowledge. For reluctant readers, this means the stories…
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Help ESL Learners Express Their Own Unique Perspectives

I write my books from this international perspective.  We all bring something different to the table and we are all worthy of being heard. I believe my books will help ESL learners express their own unique perspectives. But what makes me qualified to know anything about ESL leaners? What do I know about differing perspectives?…
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Hi-Lo Readers Want a Good Story

Hi-Lo readers are the toughest audience because they will often give up on a book after the first page. If it doesn’t grab them, they are done!  Hi-Lo readers want a good story, but don’t want or need all the extra fluff. They want a story that gets to the point, but still doesn’t fall…
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Hi-Lo Books Can Open Doors for Readers

In my last blog, I shared that I was introduced to adolescent literature in college as part of a class. Up until that point in my life I struggled with reading because I learned to read and write in German first. But once I was in college, something began to change. The transformation began in…
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How to Strengthen Reading Fluency

Reading fluency plays a key role in reading comprehension. So how do we strengthen reading fluency? As a teacher of struggling readers, I learned that this did not mean that only those who could read fast were good readers. Speed was not the most important factor. In fact, I discovered a key habit that was…
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What are “Hi-Lo” Books?

I want to tell you a little bit about what reading Hi-Lo books means. Hi-Lo books, also known as High-Low books, can play a key role in developing reading fluency. Fluency means that you can read better and faster AND understand what you have read.  A Hi-Lo book is a book or a reading section…
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