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Rereading helps struggling readers

In order to positively impact reluctant readers, we must teach that rereading is a positive reading strategy, and something all strong readers do automatically! I strongly believe that rereading is a positive reading comprehension strategy. In fact, rereading helps struggling readers build their reading fluency. As I was working on my masters in Literacy and…
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Using Read Aloud as a Teaching Tool

Not only did the characters come alive, but reluctant readers had access to details they might have missed while reading the text alone. Using read aloud as a teaching tool is NOT limited to only teachers reading aloud. I found, when I used novels with extensive dialogue, I could engage my students by assigning readers…
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It’s Never Too Late to Read Aloud

I strongly believe that it is never too late to read aloud. When I taught at an alternative school, I had fifteen and sixteen-year-old boys who couldn’t wait for me to read out loud to them. It was fascinating to see them want to know what happens next.   This process of reading aloud can be…
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Struggling Readers Predict and Infer

I focus on activating curiosity as I develop the plot so that predicting and inferring are natural outcomes. It can be a challenge to help struggling readers predict and infer based on what they have read. As a teacher I realized that my reluctant readers avoided predicting or inferring if they did not care about…
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How to Strengthen Reading Fluency

Reading fluency plays a key role in reading comprehension. So how do we strengthen reading fluency? As a teacher of struggling readers, I learned that this did not mean that only those who could read fast were good readers. Speed was not the most important factor. In fact, I discovered a key habit that was…
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