Does it upset you to think that your book is written on a lower reading level?

I write about real teens like you facing real situations.

Does it upset you to think that your book is written on a lower reading level?

I get it, if it does.  But only at first.

You see. Your story of why you have a hard time reading is not the same as someone’s story who is good at reading. Or, let’s be real. . . people you think are good readers.

You see, I was what I called a “bad reader” most of my life. I still am not as fast as others and sometimes have to read stuff more than one time. But when I was growing up, I thought that meant I was dumb.

Only smart people can read well, right?


You see reading is a puzzle that some people figure out faster than others. It can be for SOOO many reasons. Some people might be good just because a parent read to them a whole lot when they were little. Or, maybe there were lots of books around. Or, maybe, like me, you have a hard time reading because you learned a different language first. Then, there are those of you who flip your letters or words jump all over the pages. Yes, we all have our own stories.  

But we all have a right to read. So, we got to get over ourselves and stop feeling that because we have to work harder at it that it makes us less or bad.  

Care about what you read

In fact, think about this:

When you look for something to read that doesn’t insult your interest level, doesn’t that make you smart?  You want to care about what you read. Don’t you? 

Believe me when I say that the more you read, the more you will want to read. AND, guess what? The better a reader you will become.


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