Hi- Lo Books offer a Bridge to help Struggling Readers

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Hi- Lo Books offer a Bridge to help Struggling Readers

Hi-Lo Books offer a needed bridge in the reading process. In fact, Hi-Lo books help struggling readers!

Hi-Lo books are not novels that should be dismissed as inferior literature. In fact, I believe that these very books offer the bridge needed for many readers to have a chance at accessing the literature available to them on higher reading levels. If society does not value the role that Hi-Lo books play, then the struggling readers will take their cues from those voices. Ultimately, those struggling readers will avoid all books at all cost. However, if we offer the Hi-Lo books as a bridge, then the readers will understand that these books will lead them onwards.

This is my goal as an author of Hi-Lo Books.  My hope is that The Way I See It series will offer that bridge for struggling readers.https://www.lbtillit.com/the-way-i-see-it-series/

My Easy Read Books creates books that offer timeless stories, where “reading levels” fall to the background as the characters and plots effortlessly engage the readers.https://www.myeasyreadbooks.com/

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