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Hi-Lo Books Can Open Doors for Readers

In my last blog, I shared that I was introduced to adolescent literature in college as part of a class. Up until that point in my life I struggled with reading because I learned to read and write in German first. But once I was in college, something began to change. The transformation began in…
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We Should Not “Dumb-down” Hi-Lo Books!

Reluctant readers are not stupid. In fact, they recognize “dumbed down” books. This is a highly offensive phrase used when discussing the structure of Hi-Lo books. It also shows a lack of understanding of the purpose and process of writing effective Hi-Lo books. Is it a surprise when reluctant readers don’t want to read those…
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Hi- Lo Books offer a Bridge to help Struggling Readers

Hi-Lo Books offer a needed bridge in the reading process. In fact, Hi-Lo books help struggling readers! Hi-Lo books are not novels that should be dismissed as inferior literature. In fact, I believe that these very books offer the bridge needed for many readers to have a chance at accessing the literature available to them…
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